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beginning our donation journey

Back in 2014, West Reading held their annual Fall Festival. Salon Avanti decided that year that we wanted to serve drinks for donations. We set out three jars with names on them of three organizations that deserved our support. Everyone LOVED this idea and LOVED buying drinks for a cause! 

Each year it is our mission to donate as much as possible to different Charities for causes that we truly believe in and we want to support. It is so hard for our guests to choose between charities when they are giving their contribution, that more often than not, we get more than we are asking! 


This Fall Festival was our best event yet! We had an amazing day serving drinks to those that love our idea. But, this year was different! Two Salon Avanti stylists loved our idea so much they came up with an idea on their own. Ali Stoudt and Mandy Flamm wanted to braid hair to raise money for kids who couldn't have their hair braided. They chose the Children's Alopecia Project as the charity to support. They buckled down, braided, sparkled and painted hair for nearly 4 hours STRAIGHT and raised $102 at $2 per head! 


At the end of each event, it is extremely gratifying to clean up, sit down, and count how much we raised! Fall Festival 2017 brought in $1363 just from donations!

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2017 contributions

This year we have proudly made contributions to the following organization:


Berks County Police Heroes Fund: $97

ASPCA: $115

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Northeastern Chapter): $84 


IM ABLE Foundation: $242

Animal Rescue League of Berks County: $529

United Methodist Committee on Relief: $487

Children's Alopecia Project: $102